Types of Economy

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Stages of a Business Cycle

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Internal and external business environment

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Pest/Slept/Steeple Analysis

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Mini test

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Business English | Business Environment

Business English

About course


The Business English course is aimed at satisfying the needs of those who have a good command of general English and want to improve their business English skills. It covers all areas of business, such as recruitment and employment, management, business communication, promotion and advertising, distribution and logistics, and sales.

Each of the 10 modules of this e-course contains several short texts, lots of practice tasks and an extensive vocabulary section. All audio recordings have been prepared by native speakers. The course is accompanied by a traditional handbook which includes audio transcripts of the recordings and additional tasks dedicated to specific sections: a business skills section, a grammar section and a section devoted to business writing. After completing the course you are expected to achieve C1+ level in business English.